Bridget John is an award-winning Scottish Nigerian actress residing in Atlanta, Georgia. Bridget is a Theater Arts graduate from the University of North Georgia. She has worked in the African and American film industry for many years. She has played lead and supporting in several independent films, television and theater productions. Bridget appeared in the motion picture Jumanji: The Next Level in a fight scene with notable A-list actors.

Standing at 5’8 with an athletic build her unique traits and exotic look enable her to play in different genres and roles. Whether it’s the hard-core mother, the cold-hearted queen, the bleeding-heart doctor, law enforcement officer, teacher or attorney, Bridget is versatile, and results driven.



Awards and Honors

Best Actress
Cannes International Pan African Film Festival 2021

"Marrying A Campbell"

Best African Actress

Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival 2021

"Marrying A Campbell" - Lead role and Associate Producer. "Marrying A Campbell"  garnared 10 nominations and won 9 awards at the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival


Best Actress

Hollywood Weekly Magazine Film Festival



Best Supporting Actress

FACE Awards

Stage Play "Wedlock Of The Gods"


Best Film In The Diaspora

African Oscars

"Adora" - Lead role, Executive Producer, and Producer. "Adora" garnered 5 nominations at the African Oscars / NAFCA and won Best Film In The Diaspora.

Royal Reel Awards

Canada International Film Festival


Selected Juror

International Art Film Festival